The Feng Shui of water gardens

feng-shui-water-gardensFeng Shui stands for water and wind and when water is activated by wind there is a flow of well being through your life.

A simple water bowl at your front door can create balance, harmony and prosperity in your environment. When placed to the right of your front door entrance your water feature can bring you good luck. And we could all do with a bit more of that!

A simple and eye catching water bowl with water plants and goldfish is not only good feng shui but a striking design feature when grouped with several feature pots and plants. The goldfish create darting flashes of bright orange as they weave through the waterplants and are a soothing panacea to the day’s stresses.

We’ve got several water bowls on show in the courtyard at the moment, complete with water plants and fish so drop into our Redfern showroom at 1/748 Bourke Street to discover how you can bring a little good luck into your life.

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