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Sustainable landscape design and architecture Sydney

At Living Colour Landscapes we respect the delicate balance of nature and the planet.

As landscape designers and architects in Sydney, wherever possible, we encourage the use of ecologically sustainable design and construction practices to reduce energy consumption, manage water use and recycling, reduce maintenance costs and minimize damage to our natural environment.

This means where possible:
– Using local stone, timber and other materials to minimize our transport use and carbon footprint.
– Recycling onsite materials and making sure that waste goes to recycling stations to minimize air, soil and water pollution.
– Designing productive gardens by introducing vegetables, fruit and nut trees.
– Reducing storm water runoff by capture and storage and using permeable materials such as gravel on driveways and paths.
– Minimizing chemical use.
– Encouraging the use of native and hardy, exotic plant species that don’t require large amounts of water to prosper.