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Garden design and landscape design plans

Garden design is about creating a tangible picture of an inspiring garden, courtyard or outdoor living area that is uniquely yours, then managing that vision until it’s ready to build.

After your initial consultation we can then develop more detailed landscape design plans, with planting and material schedules, lighting layout and details and elevations of key features. 3D modelling is also available and often a helpful tool to better understand how your landscape design works. Once your landscape design plans are completed we can then develop your landscape quotation. If your project requires further construction details and engineering drawings or council approval, we’ll let you know at the time.

If your landscaping project does need council approval, we’ll develop further drawings and documentation for a Landscape Development Application and Construction Certificate from your landscape design plans.

As landscape designers and garden designers in Sydney, several of our staff members hold degrees in architecture and have a deep understanding of planning laws, implementing DCP and LEP guidelines and how councils work. This can often save you a world of unnecessary time, cost and stress.

Contact us today to find out how Living Colour Landscapes can help you with your landscaping project.