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Landscape designers & landscaping design services

At Living Colour Landscapes, our aim is to design, build and maintain remarkable gardens for satisfied, happy clients.

Whether your landscaping project is a small, contemporary Sydney courtyard or a large garden estate or commercial venue, we offer a complete landscaping service to design, build and maintain your ultimate outdoor space.

Living Colour Landscapes is a team of experienced Sydney landscape designers and architects, who bring 30 years’ experience to a complete range of landscaping services, from consultation, planning and garden design through to landscape construction and the ongoing maintenance of your garden.

Our innovative and creative approach to each garden project results in quality design solutions, which are supported by detailed documentation, comprehensive construction management and meticulous garden maintenance. We pride ourselves on delivering extensive landscape design services on time, on budget and with the highest degree of care.

Our landscape designers in Sydney can work with you on any aspect or stage of your garden design or renovation. We can also manage your entire landscape design project, from planning and design, to construction, design implementation and future maintenance.

Our experienced landscape designers and architects can produce winning designs and proposals that will truly inspire your imagination and transform your garden. We can discuss a range of design options with you and make recommendations as to what will and won’t work for your garden, both in terms of construction and space, and design style.

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The Living Colour team is highly experienced in managing and coordinating landscape construction projects, from initial plans and drawings through to beautiful completion.

Our Landscape construction service includes liaison with your local council to obtain building approvals and permits and co-ordinating architectural or engineering plans required by council. Once approval is secured, we will then work with all suppliers, builders, architects and surveyors to manage your entire landscape and garden construction.

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At Living Colour Landscapes, we are passionate about landscape design and we want to ensure that your garden project is an ongoing and flourishing success. In order to maintain a fresh and thriving experience all year round, your garden will need regular care.

Our landscape designers in Sydney offer a range of landscape and garden maintenance services for your garden, whether you need someone to tend to your lawn, fix your irrigation system or provide a complete maintenance service that involves extensive upkeep and care.

We can regularly schedule your maintenance at any time that is convenient for you and we can also care for your landscape if you plan to be away from home for long periods of time.

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If you already own a garden but feel that it needs some improvement, our landscape designers and landscape architects in Sydney can discuss an array of ideas with you in order to significantly enhance your space.

We can provide you with options on how to fully transform and renovate your garden or we can make suggestions about pathways, pools/ponds, garden features and furniture can positively impact the look and feel of your landscape. We can also provide horticulture selection/placement services or make recommendations on how your garden can become more environmentally friendly and manageable.

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